Question: Why should I buy custom tailor clothes from Vicky Collection and not somewhere else?

We could come with many arguments to try to convince you, like that we offer several different possible shirt/suits designs, monograms, hand embroidered of your full-name inside the jacket, functional buttonholes on sleeves of the jacket, delivery option, quality fabrics and workmanship, and so on, but we really only need to say one thing. We care about what we do and what our customers get.

Question: Can I order more clothes using my previous designs?

Absolutely. We keep all the details of your previous design.

Question: Can I get dress shirts with short sleeves?

Of course! In the measurement section please measure the desired sleeve length, and mention it in the remark section at the end of the measurement procedure..

Question: Can you duplicate the fit of my favorite clothes?
Yes. You can send us your best fitting clothes for us to replicate them, even if you wish to have any change in their size or style you can let us know and we shall follow the requirements.

Question: Can I save my measurements for future orders?

Once you have purchased from our website or in personal, we keep your measurement with us  for decades.

Question: How are your fabrics different?
We have lower prices for fabrics that are of good quality and higher prices for fabrics that are of great quality.

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