Do you know the secret of the confident man sitting next to you in the train or at your office or just walking by you? They may have found the right answer to the best wear, affordable custom tailored attire which could also be available to you. Our Master Tailor Vicky from Vicky Collection who travels to all over the world could be scheduled to be at your home / office to view his full selection of the mobile store of premium samples of fabrics which are sourced from around the world.

Vicky will walk you through the different fabrics, styles that are up to date of the latest trend and personally measure you and just in minutes fit you for your new suit which will be with you within a few weeks after you have seen him and placed your order and you will be pleasantly surprised that you will be one of the few people who is being looked upon as you walk around the next time with your new custom tailored suit.

No more worries of sizing, you may be hard to fit or just an ordinary size we at Vicky Collection will make sure you feel the best dressed and comfortable with reasonable prices without having to shop around, completely at your ease.

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