There are many great tailors in Bangkok but none of them offer a truly personal bespoke tailoring experience. At Vicky Collection we are frequently asked what separates us from our competition. Short answer… everything, but allow us to clarify.

We are part of an elite few that actually have handpicked in-house tailors, affording full control of construction, detailed fittings and a peerless level of quality. Unlike most others we do not outsource to a sweatshop and we use high end tailoring techniques developed over time. We have tailors working in our shop, so you will be able to see them when you come in for your visit.

We believe in the little things. Virtually all suits made in Bangkok use polyester lining but we use Bemberg as standard. Most local tailors do not put a lot of stock in high end buttons and usually just opt for polyester. Our shirts come with Mother of Pearl buttons as standard, which are the best shirting buttons available. For our suits we offer Corozo, Horn, Bone and Mother of Pearl. These are just a few of the many ways Vicky Collection differentiates our garments from the rest.

An epidemic of fake polyester blend fabrics has consumed Bangkok but not at Vicky Collection. We stock legitimate Italian, English and Irish fabrics. Our suiting fabrics come with a label and matching selvedge (labelling on the fabric). If in doubt Google the mill, we guarantee ours will check out.

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